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What is Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

Laser skin rejuvenation is a non-invasive procedure wherein laser energy is used to revitalize your complexion. The laser device sends highly calibrated wavelengths of light energy into targeted depths of your skin to stimulate cellular regeneration and collagen production aiding in hyperpigmentation in Thousand Oaks. We can offer laser skin rejuvenation to address numerous concerns related to skin laxity, loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation problems, and vascular lesions. Cohen Medical Aesthetics uses the cutting-edge Lutronic Ultra for personalized laser skin rejuvenation.

Laser skin rejuvenation corrects the following:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loss of elasticity from the skin
  • Sagging skin tissues
  • Sunspots
  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Rosacea
  • Broken capillaries
  • Spider veins
  • Acne scarring
  • Injury scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Cellulite problems
  • Stretch marks
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
woman after treatment for hyperpigmentation in Thousand Oaks

Laser skin rejuvenation with Lutronic Ultra

Lutronic Ultra is a groundbreaking laser device that facilitates skin rejuvenation without harsh side effects. Lutronic Ultra is a non-ablative fractionated laser device, which means it stimulates collagen production and cellular regeneration without damaging your epidermis. When the targeted laser energy penetrates your skin, it stimulates collagen production in the deep dermis, making your skin look firm, taut, and youthful. Lutronic Ultra also works on the superficial levels of the skin to fade dark spots and improve overall skin tone and texture.

Benefits of laser skin rejuvenation:

  • Non-invasive skin rejuvenation
  • No incisions, injections, or scarring
  • Comfortable and painless treatment
  • Stimulates cellular regeneration
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Personalized according to your skin
  • Concludes within 60 minutes
  • No harsh side effects or complications
  • Resume your daily activities and work immediately

Laser skin rejuvenation: side effects and recovery

Laser skin rejuvenation causes minimal post-treatment side effects, such as redness, swelling, tenderness, and mild discomfort. Your face might look slightly flushed, but the discomfort is minimal. You can resume your daily activities and work immediately, but you should avoid direct sunlight and strenuous physical activities until the side effects dissipate completely. You must also wear strong sun protection to avoid further hyperpigmentation in Thousand Oaks.

Laser skin rejuvenation: onset and longevity of results

Lutronic Ultra produces gradual improvements over several weeks, and the results are cumulative over multiple sessions. Your skin quality will gradually improve over several weeks as your body produces new collagen fibers and skin cells. You can expect peak results after 3 to 4 weeks. Most patients need 3 sessions spaced a month apart for optimal results, but some patients may need more sessions for severe acne scars and signs of aging.

Your skin rejuvenation experience in Thousand Oaks

Cohen Medical Aesthetics offers a personalized laser skin rejuvenation experience. Our cosmetic providers perform a thorough assessment of your hyperpigmentation in Thousand Oaks. They examine your skin type, discuss your goals, review your medical history, and adjust the Lutronic Ultra accordingly. Your facial skin is cleansed, and you have to wear eye protection, following which the cosmetic provider moves the handheld device over your treatment areas to deliver calibrated wavelengths of laser energy. The entire process may take 30 to 60 minutes.

Claim your free consultation for skin rejuvenation

Cohen Medical Aesthetics is a luxurious medical spa and wellness center specializing in cutting-edge cosmetic treatments. Our cosmetic providers and aestheticians undergo advanced training to stay abreast of the latest treatments and technologies in aesthetic medicine, ensuring you always have access to the best treatments. We offer personalized treatments after a thorough evaluation to ensure safe, consistent, and natural-looking results without harsh side effects. Please schedule an appointment to claim your free laser skin rejuvenation consultation in Thousand Oaks.

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