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Do you want toned muscles without exercise?

The newest FDA-approved medical equipment from Lutronic is proudly being offered by our experts at Cohen Medical Aesthetics. An intelligently created device called Accufit™ administers tailored muscle activation therapies to enhance muscular tone and aesthetics for both women and men. Book a personalized consultation for Accufit in Thousand Oaks at Cohen Medical Aesthetics.

What Is AccuFit?

Contrary to other non-invasive muscle toning procedures, Accufit truly resembles yoga, strength training, sculpting, and massage-like routines. It makes use of the same electro-muscular stimulation technology that physical therapists have been using for years to improve muscles. Accufit treatments may help men and women tone their abs, thighs, and buttocks.

How Does Accufit Work?

Through electrodes linked to the patient, Accufit sends electrical energy to the targeted muscles. The procedure is computer-controlled and uses four different waveforms to manipulate muscles in motions that mimic a multi-dimensional exercise by twisting, holding, grasping, and tapping them in a very gentle manner. This is distinct from other non-invasive muscle toning procedures that use one-dimensional magnetic energy.

Before & After

What Should I Expect During The Treatment?

Your treatment of Accufit in Thousand Oaks will consist of a unique 4-cycle regimen that begins with healing and finishes with muscular stretching and strengthening. At the beginning of the therapy, you might anticipate feeling your muscles softly contract. The contractions become stronger as the intensity steadily rises. Each cycle is followed by a “warm down” to let the body recover before the next one.

The average treatment lasts between 30 and 60 minutes and is painless. The thighs, buttocks, and abdomen may all be treated in one session.

Recovery After AccuFit

Accufit is a non-invasive procedure which means that patients may continue their regular activities right away following a treatment session. Despite how easy the process itself is, you can have mild tingling in the treated regions for up to a few hours following the service and minor muscle soreness for 24 to 72 hours.

To optimize the advantages of Accufit, our experts advise arranging 6 different treatment sessions that are at least 2 days apart. Additional therapy sessions can be required, depending on the patient’s state prior to the start of the treatment.

Suitable Candidates For Accufit

Patients of all ages may benefit from Accufit in Thousand Oaks. The men and women who desire to improve muscular tone are also the ideal Accufit candidates.

It’s very popular among patients who wish to give their muscles more definition but may have reached a plateau in their exercise regimen.

Book Your AccuFit Treatment in Thousand Oaks

Looking to define and contour your muscles? AccuFit might be just what you’re looking for. Contact our medical experts at Cohen Medical Aesthetics to book your very own treatment!

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